Rockalily Style - £2 outfit

Hold the phone, I'm in heels. I'm never in heels.

I've moved to Shoreditch, and I'm off out to explore tonight. Despite owning my salon down the road from here, I haven't been out around here  much. Shoreditch has become one of those London areas that even non-Londoners have heard of. There's tons to do here, from cat cafes, cereal cafes, board game bars, a whole street of curry houses, and almost a million trendy shabby chic pubs and bars.

Because all of this is now on my doorstep, I'm braving heels, as my theory is I won't have to travel too far. We'll see how successful this plan was later!

I'm wearing a New Look top, and a River Island skirt, both of which were £1 each in different charity shops. I love mixing prints and I love a great charity shop find! Win Win!