Rockalily Style: 1950s Vintage Pink Prom Dress


Yesterday I was in Norwich for the launch on Wonderful Women and I ended up buying a random pink 1950s prom dress.

I bought it from Prim Vintage, and oddly enough the gentleman working in the store asked if I was 'Rockalily' as he had heard on Twitter that I was coming to Norwich....he he.

The dress actually has a little modesty panel, which is held in place with two poppers, which I thought was cute - you can make it less sexy depending on the occasion! In the picture I have the modesty panel out.

I struggle to fit into vintage pretty dresses, and once this fit, I figured I would just buy it! Vintage prices were so much cheaper than here in London, so it would have been rude not to!

I am wearing it today (life is simply too short not to wear awesome dresses) as I am off to meet Liz Earle, at a Q & A session about her journey becoming a beauty brand. Exciting stuff.

Yes to decide on shoes, and I am wearing Pompadour Pink lipstick.