Rockalily Photoshoot.....Featuring Chrys Columbine and Beatrix Von Bourbon


Today was the second official Rockalily photoshoot. The first Rockalily photoshoot seems so long ago!

These photos are all candids I took while the real photographer took the proper ones!


As ever, my make-up artist and hair stylist was Miss Honey Bare, seen here applying some kick-ass eyeshadow to Chrys Columbine

My photographer, again, was Diana - Fashion Loves Photos, someone who luckily can make sense of my vague ramblings when I explain what I want.

Here is Beatrix Von Bourbon with a fabulously smokey eye and faux hawk.

I am super excited to see the professional proofs and pictures, I had such a laugh; what an awesome job that I get to work with so many fabulous. intelligent and creative people.

My current photos are much more of a classic pin-up/rockabilly style, so it was great to get a chance to flex my imagination and do something a little different. I'm very lucky to have had women like Beatrix, Chrys, Diana and Miss Honey Bare to help me make some sense of my thoughts, as well as extending them with their own input.