Rockalily Lipstick......the fun bits

I am about to launch my own small range of make-up, starting with Rockalily Lipsticks. Only one Rockalily Lipstick has been sent out so far, and I have had lots of fun trying out the different colours of red, before I launch my favourite two.

Today I am wearing my favourite Rockalily Lipstick shade, and so I need to name it!


It is a classic matt red, perfect for all of us ladies who need red lipstick in our lives (be that due to a love of vintage, rockabilly or simply a love of make-up)! I need to let the factory know what I want printed on the labels, so I need to name this bad boy!

I was thinking ReeRee Red or Rockette Red (if you can't name your first lipstick after yourself, who ever will!?).....but there are some other names on the list I'm considering. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know!

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