Rockalily Lipstick Update


When I sourced the lipstick for Rockalily, I knew the product was awesome. It certainly proved to be the case, when everyone else started loving it too.

After a year of kissable lips, I closed the lipstick brand to open Rockalily Cuts, my hair salon, and was a little overwhelmed at how regularly I got messaged to reorder.

However, I have recently seen that another company have sourced lipsticks from the same factory, and it got me thinking... I don't have time to dedicate to the Rockalily Lipstick brand, but would anyone be interested in buying the same product, without the cool branding?

No cute box, labels etc, but the same awesome lipstick that we all loved?

It would be on a smaller scale, but would mean our lips could be kissable once again. The lipsticks could be purchased from Rockalily Cuts for £13, or posted to you for £16.65 (darn Royal Mail and its massive price hike!

Let me know your thoughts! You can let me know in the comments, on twitter (@rockalilylondon) or facebook ( Since this got mailed out on the mailing list, I have got a mailbox full of people saying yes!