Rockalily Lipstick Tattoo

So, today I visited Stewart Robson at Frith Street to get my Rockalily Lipstick tattoo. I'm an impulsive tattoo-goer, so I didn't know exactly what to expect from the design - but I instantly loved it. The beauty of picking a quality artist means you get great results each time. Similarly with my Valerie Vargas tattoos (my Valerie Vargas locket and my Valerie Vargas gypsy head and my Valerie Vargas peacock tattoo).

My twitter stream got all of a flurry about tattooing as I was on my way in, so I will summarise some of the questions and answers.

1) Do Tattoos hurt? Obviously yes. Your body is having needles pummled into it at speed. However it is of course bearable or you wouldn't get people ever getting more than one. Yes, certain places are known as being worse than others, but it does vary person to person. Some of mine has stung like a bitch. However I do find that the first ten mins really hurt, then you get in a zone for while where the pain eases, and then once all the skin is sore it starts hurting again at the end.

2) How do you choose an artist? Personally I respect artists for a number of reasons. Obviously, the quality of their work should speak for itself. Is their preferred style the style you want? Are they happy to show you their work, and give you some time to discuss what you want? On a basic level - can they draw straight and precise lines? Can they shade? Can they do black/grey as well as colour? I also really respect artists who have standards. I have seen an artist of mine turn work away due to it being a bad idea. I have seen artists refuse to tattoo partner's names. I have seen artists refuse to tattoo hands and necks (on people with little ink). Integrity goes a long way.

3) How do you prepare for a tattoo? Make sure you have zero alcohol 24 hours before you get tattooed. One of my artists once pulled me up for having one vodka the night before. It makes you blood thinner. It makes it harder for them to tattoo well. It also means you may not be in the best frame of mind to make decisions. Make sure you have eaten! Your body will be pretty surprised to suddenly have ink punctured into it, and if you are low in sugar you may well feel faint. Some people take a chocolate bar with them if they have a longer session booked in.

4) How do you care for your tattoo? I blogged about taking care of your tattoo previously, but my current method is hot water and Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

So, here is my latest tattoo addition:

Very hard to take a photo of it as it curves round my arm! I will take better pictures once its all healed up. The bruises are already showing!

The two lipsticks are right in my elbow crease, which made me a tad nervous!

I love that it is quite traditional looking, yet very girly with the two lipsticks. I also love that Stewart thought to check out my site and made the lipsticks square like Rockalily lipsticks are!