Rockalily Lipstick Out on the Town

Yesterday I went to an event with the gorgeous Banbury Cross, where I wore my day-to-night outfit of a cherry print dress and victory rolls. You may well recognise Banbury Cross from my Rockalily Lipstick pictures, or from the glorious world of Burlesque, lucky for me she's also a great friend.

The event we went to had free beauty treatments, so I had my nails done in a wicked bright fuscia colour, and we both had simply divine neck massages. We both came away light headed with our stress from our necks gone. The free wine went down a treat too!

After the event, we went for a final drink, and we ended up stumbling randomly into Ukelele Cabaret, so we listened to some fun ukelele music - only in London!








We both were rocking Rockette Red Rockalily Lipstick for the night.