Rockalily Lipstick is now at The Powder Rooms


Rockalily Lipsticks are now exclusively available from The Powder Rooms, and I was excited to see them on display today!

I always knew I wanted The Powder Rooms to stock Rockalily; both of their stores in Soho and Shoreditch provide the most perfectly charming environment to celebrate glamour and luxury. And what is red lipstick if it isn't glamorous and luxurious?!






I may be a little biased, but I think Rockalily Lipsticks look they were made to displayed on a vintage cabinet like this!







The Powder Rooms are the only shop to stock Rockalily Lipsticks, and they currently have all three shades of red; Rockette Red, Roulette Red and Hot Rod Red. If you have wanted to see a Rockalily Lipstick before buying it - you now can!










They offer the perfect space to have your hair spruced up, your nails painted or your eyebrows shaped - perfect for a quick refresh after work, or a weekend treat.



I hope some of you will head to The Powder Rooms to have a look at Rockalily soon!

The Power Room:

136 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG


34 Marshall St
London W1F 7EU