Rockalily Lipstick: For the Perfect Pin-up Pout

Rockalily Lipstick has now been on sale for just over 3 weeks. And what a busy month its been! So busy in fact, I realised I hadn't even blogged about it!


What have people been saying about Rockalily?

“The lipstick's texture is a lovely creamy, semi matte finish and I loved the Roulette Red shade. It’ s a
darker blue red, which is generally my favourite shade and the descriptions on the website made it
easy to pick out what exact shade I wanted. It’ s easy to apply, giving good coverage with just one
application....a winner'', Retro Chick, who reviewed Rockalily on her blog (it came joint first!)

“I can honestly say it’s the best red lipstick I’ve ever worn! It didn’t smudge bleed or budge, even
without lipliner; my lips don’t feel dry and the colour hasn’t flaked or cracked like other long-lasting
lipsticks.”, Miss Dani California, Burlesque Performer and Model

''My Roulette Red @RockalilyLondon by @ReeReeRockette really is the best lipstick I've ever used, it
lasts all day, doesn't bleed & isn't dry!”, @Lozi90210 via Twitter

''My @RockalilyLondon lipstick arrived! Gorgeous packaging and, so far, the best red lippy I've ever
used. And I've used a LOT of red lippy! '', @Meg_la_mania via Twitter

“...if you've ever struggled to find a great shade of red lipstick, get yourself one of these!!! Not only is the colour fab but they're so creamy to apply and I've been wearing a coat of 'Roulette Red'for over an hour and a half now and my lips still feel all moisturised...”, Jade Boylan, Blogger

“Don't wear lippy ever, you have converted me! I'm no expert at applying either. Tried it on straight
from the gym. Took 10 seconds and looked flawless!'', @JulesHarrison via Twitter


I have loved seeing photos that people have sent me of them wearing Rockalily Lipstick! I have uploaded them to the Rockalily Gallery, and we have even had Rockalily Lipstick worn by a bride!


What colour to choose?

Obviously buying a lipstick online does mean some people have needed a little bit of advice on what shade to buy. I am always happy to help on Twitter or via email and Facebook.




It has been an exciting month at Rockalily Towers, and things are definitely getting interesting! Thank you to all of the online and offline support everyone has given me!