Rockalily Lipstick - an Update!



Rockalily Lipsticks have now been on sale for about 5 weeks, and I last updated my blog about the lipsticks about two weeks ago. Two weeks feels like a long time!

I thought I would link to some of the feedback Rockalily has recieved. None of these bloggers were given Rockalily lipstick, and none were asked to blog about it. I have just selected a couple of examples!

Jade bought two Rockalily Lipsticks, and promptly blogged about her goodies. She seemed pretty pleased with them!

'' soon as i'd swiped it on i was just beaming because, as you may have noticed, it's actually RED!!!''

'...'not only is the colour fab but they're so creamy to apply and i've been wearing a coat of 'Roulette Red' for over an hour and a half now and my lips still feel all moisturized (the Rockalily lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E so they won't dry out like most other lipsticks)''

''...the pigment is so rich that you don't even need lipliner with them, this one still hasn't feathered and normally any other of my red lipsticks would have feathered and dried out all over the place by now''

Retro Chick bought Roulette Red to review in her Red Lipstick series.

Gemma actually scores all red lipsticks out of 50, and Rockalily got 38, which places it joint first. Woohoo!

''The lipsticks texture is a lovely creamy, semi matte finish and I loved the Roulette Red shade.''

''An everyday lipstick, however, has generally been a maximum of £5 thing for me. I genuinely think the Rockalily has converted me though. I paid for this one myself so I could review it, and when it runs out I’ll replace it.''



Domestic Sluttery featured Rockalily and said ''After many years, it takes a heck of a lot for a lipstick to really impress me but, by jove, this one really has.

I was also incredibly impressed by the friendly and efficient customer service. They were more than happy to offer advice about shades and delivery was super speedy so no mournful gazing at the postie required.''



Rockalily London on Twitter and Rockalily on Facebook have both been amazing for me to get the instant feedback from customers - I have been overwhelmed with the support and positive praise for the product...woohoo.

I actually sold out of lipsticks twice over the last few weeks, so thank you for understanding that I am doing the best I can! The next batch will be here asap! If you want to know things like that - join the Rockalily mailing list!

I am also loving filling the Rockalily Gallery with your awesome pin up pouts. Keep them coming!