Rockalily Hair Lilies


Having a business called Rockalily means I require a signature lily! And here they are!


The flowers are available as single lilies and double, and sit beautifully flat against your head (I hate flowers that stick out oddly!)

I'm excited to announce that currently the only place you can purchase these in-store is from Original Skin.


Two things in particular make me excited about this partnership.

Number one is that I have 7 tattoos from Original Skin. If you want to have a peek at my tattoos look here.

Number two is that it is a female-owned tattoo shop! Cilla is now in her 19th year of owning and running the shop - a great achievement.

Original Skin has recently started expanding their services (largely spearheaded by the fabulous Amanda Mae Steele) and they now sell a select range of Collectif clothing and artwork.


They have just opened a new online store, which currently has tattoo vouchers but will soon be joined by a lot more! If anyone ever needs to get me a gift.......I would love a voucher or two!

Fancy reading how I curl my hair with rollers?