Rockalily Cuts - Triple Awards Finalist

This week Rockalily Cuts recieved 3 finalist positions, two in the Salon Business Awards 2018 and one in the Hair Awards 2018. There is no voting to promote, we just need to wait and see!

Even if we don't win, being nominated against some big-boy chains is still something to be proud of. 

rockalily cuts team 2018

My salon has been open over 6 years now, and from a crazy impulsive dream from a blogger with no experience, to a really kickarse little business with 5 members of staff (plus me!) it's been a really colourful journey.

I'm so proud of my team, and so pleased that we have so many loyal and lovely clients. Thank you if you've ever visited us, or ever told someone about us. 

So we're up for 'London Salon' in the Hair Awards 2018, and 'Digital Salon' and 'Ultimate Salon' in the Salon Business Awards 2018. It would be amazing to win, but as a small independent I don't expect to. However the finalist positions feel pretty awesome as they are! Wish us luck!