Rockalily and Rock 'n' Needle do Chinawhite


I was excited to sponsor my first ever event! Rockalily Lipstick happily sponsored Rock 'n' Needle, a fashion label inspired by London lifestyle and rock music.


Kelly Goss founded Rock 'n' Needle in 2008, and was in Drapers Top 100 Rising Stars of 2010.

Kelly is a young woman going places, which just seemed to fit with everything I hope to promote!

So, what is a girl to wear?! I decided on a vintage black lace dress, which Mother Rockette had altered to fit, and added ribbon straps.




We started the night at The Player in Soho, which I have to say had one of the best cocktail selections I have ever seen. They were all delicious too. Particularly enjoyed one that was a mix of mango vodka, white wine and apple juice.

We headed to Chinawhite at about 10pm, and settled onto our table. Rock 'n' Needle had arranged for some free cocktails, which were a scary luminious blue! Turns out it was vokda, WKD and lemonade.

I had the chance to celebrate with dear friends, Wonderful Women, as well as people I feel like I know (but actually only know from online).



Honestly, I have never been a venue like Chinawhite before, but I knew that we would stand out somewhat! Clearly a lot of my party are used to getting second glances due to our appearances, but it did sadden me a little that we experienced some quite blatent rudeness from some of the crowd. I don't mind bemused stares, but when you're rude about our weight or appearance it becomes something more serious.

Luckily we all have thick skins, and just found the 'attention' rather amusing.

Here I am with one of my school friends, we have now been friends for about 16 years - she rocks my world (she is also now a Wonderful Woman!)

If you want to look at some of the photos please head over to the Rockalily Facebook page.

Here is an example of the dance moves we were busting out. As you can one tried to copy our style. I am blaming the bottle of vodka that was brought to our table.

As it turned out, one of the Black Eyed Peas was in attendance ( so I hope he was somewhat entertained by our antics.

The next day Khandie Khisses and I headed for some hungover lunch (I was suffering a lot more than she was!). She snapped this of me, to summarise how I was coping.