Rockabilly Victory Rolls and Cold Sets

Tonight I am out to a garage night (the music that makes my soul smile) so I asked Lucie to give me a superquick up do while we had some time at the salon.

I wanted three victory rolls on the top of my head, and the rest just put up at the back.

We did this in about 15-20 minutes, and next time I will try it unaided!

If you are having a go at this sort of rockabilly up do yourself, I would suggest definitely curling your hair first. People often feel that curling hair for an up do is a waste of time, but it gives it the volume and base to work with. For example, the back of this hairstyle wouldn't have been possible without my set hair.

This is day three of a cold set I did. On day one the curls looked like this - very tight.

Day two of the curls looked more loose:

Day three was slightly more crazy - perfect for an updo!