Rockabilly Style for Beginners

I had a lovely email from someone today, saying that they had fallen in love with the Rockabilly style, but that she felt a little overwhelmed with knowing where to start. She asked if I had any advice or staple wardrobe items to suggest.

 1. Hair

I think hair is perhaps one of the easiest ways of dressing in the Rockabilly style. You can be having an awful wardrobe day, but still show the world your sense of style with your hair.

Here is an old picture of me, fresh from the hairdressers. I have four (yes 4..all at once!) key rockabilly elements happening with my hair here. I have short Bettie Bangs, victory rolls, my hair is dyed an unnatural colour, and I have a hair flower.  Victory rolls are tricky to master, but the other three are relatively easy ways to inject a bit of Rockabilly style into your look.

Here I am demonstrating another key piece in the Rockabilly hairstyle catalogue - the bandana. I also have pink hair, whereas in the last picture I had red (note again the love of unnatural haircolour!). I own a bandana in almost every colour, and I have previously demonstrated the two methods I use to tie mine - Rockabilly Bandana Tutorial and Land Girl Bandana Tutorial.

2. Make-up

Its all about the black eyeliner and bright lipstick!

3. Pattern

Leopard print, polka dots, cherry print, tattoo print, gingham....all easy ways to add a Rockabilly splash to your wardrobe. It can be more subtle, with just an accessory:

Here is an easy Rockabilly outfit. Cropped jeans, black top tucked in (its actually a body), red bandana and pink leopard print belt. The other elements included are red lipstick, black eyeliner, vintage glasses and short Bettie Bang with dyed black hair (I'm naturally blonde!).

Or you can go a bit more full on with all over print! I love mixing and clashing mine!

4. Motifs

Another easy way to update any items of clothing or accessories you have, is to add some Rockabilly motifs. These may include anchors, cherries, skulls, pin-ups, bows, horse shoes, dice, swallows etc.

On this cardigan I had a small hole from a badge so I stiched a swallow motif over, and it became a Rockabilly cardigan instantly!


5. And the rest....

Other classic Rockabilly fashions to consider - pencil skirts, cropped jeans, great shoes, tattoos, halterneck necklines, swing skirts, cropped shirts tied at the waist, perfectly arched eyebrows.

Gosh....have I missed anything? And that's just for women!