Rockabilly style and wigs

You can read about me getting my first wig, and about me wearing the wig around and about town. Yesterday, after dying my hair to match the wig (back to black) I tried wearing it with my own fringe, as that is how 3/4 wigs are worn best.

This is me yesterday. I get asked if the wig is itchy, which it definitely isn't, and it isn't particularly hot either.

Due to the style, it doesn't look natural, I'm not sure it is meant to! It is a large style!

Last night I combed the wig - it does get very knotty. My only slight concern is how long it will last - it loses a lot of hair! But for the price it costs, I'm not sure anyone would expect to last forever.

Today I'm trying the wig in a ponytail. I like how it looks, but it does make it pull slightly - the weight of it isn't as comfortable as wearing it down.



The wig feels pretty natural - perhaps like over-straightened hair feels (a tad dry). It isn't shiny, so it looks pretty natural too. Impressed!


Today I also had my first blog interview published (usually I interview others, rather than being interviewed myself!), it was for Jayne's Kitschen and she wanted to ask me about my style. Talking of style...



Today I feel like a caricature of a rockabilly girl.

  • Leopard print - tick.
  • Bandana - tick
  • Tattoos - tick
  • Red Lipstick - tick (this is Roulette Red by the way)
  • Gold hoop earrings - tick
  • Skinny cropped jeans - tick
  • Short bettie bangs - tick
  • Heavy eyebrows - tick


I'm off out to drink Babycham today at a friend's housewarming - how rock and roll of me.