Rockabilly Salon from the Tv

Did you catch the salon on Channel 4 last night?!

I blogged about the filming back when it happened (I have black hair back then!) and took some behind the scenes pics but last night the show actually aired.

Our lovely customer Nicola was featured as someone who had experienced a mid-life crisis of sorts and discovered rockabilly - changed her life, style, partner and got tattooed. She came across brilliantly so yey for Nicola!

My twitter feed went manic which was fun, as I wasn't watching it live last night, but watched it later on catch up, so it was fab to hear people's reactions to spotting us!

It's funny how quickly me and Lucie seem to change our hair, neither of us have the same colour as we filmed anymore. Actually neither does Nicole, we've since done her hair black and red!