Rockabilly on the High Street - Dorothy Perkins

It is definitely possible to pick up some rockabilly gems from the high street, and after picking some from Oasis and Topshop, today the spotlight falls on Dorothy Perkins.

 These navy cropped trousers are £18 and definitely a summer staple.

High street dresses often look cute, but are just too short for my liking, as I prefer a more vintage length of below knee. This red one looks longer than most, and is only £30!

This is an example, and although rockabilly style doesn't need to be below the knee, I just wish this one was a tad longer! The pleating detail is sweet.

Pencil skirts are such a fabulous part of a rockabilly girl's wardrobe, and Dorothy Perkins seems to have cracked it. The lengths are right!

This is a dogtooth pencil skirt is £19.99 and it looks great! Would be very keen to try this one on!

This stripey skirt is a tad shorter, but still looks like a great day-to-day skirt at £22

If you want a skirt that will slim you, while still giving you an hour glass shape, you may love this pencil skirt with its side panelling.

If you fancy embracing you inner Sandra Dee you could try these snakeskin jeans for £32


I love body suits! They allow you to create such a smooth tucked in line (much of rockabilly styling involves tucking in your tops, rather than leaving them loose). This polka dot one is £25 and has a cute back detail too.

A western shirt can bridge a smart/casual bridge tucked into a nice pencil skirt, or some black jeans.

What I find most fun about rockabilly fashion is that it can flirt between a vintage look and a more rock n roll one. This studded bag could give your look a more rock look!