Rockabilly Necklaces

I was asked this morning about the necklaces I wear - and could I suggest any places to buy rockabilly style necklaces? A perfect excuse to do some online browsing! Here are some I'd love to own!


This handstitched leather swallow is £22 from Love From Hetty and Dave


This Tattooed-lady double heart necklace is £16 from Clutterfly. I own a lot of Clutterfly jewellery, and get a lot of compliments on it. I bought it ages ago, and did suffer from quite a lot of quality issues. However I do have some pieces I still wear often. Popular with burlesque ladies!


This personalised tattoo style necklace costs £12 from Punky Pins.


This cute Hawaii necklace is from Bow and Crossbones for £11.99.


This throughly British necklace is £11 from Layla Amber.


 This lucky deck is from Temporary Secretary and costs £12.95.