Rockabilly Make-Up: My Daily Make Up Routine


I get asked about my daily Rockabilly make-up, and I do literally have the same make-up on most days! These are the products I am currently using:

Benefit Dallas Bronzing Powder. I bought this at uni, so it is perhaps 5 years old, and still going strong! I use it as a blusher, rather than bronzer.

Barry M Kohl Pencil. My make up look needs a heavy black eyebrow, but it proves almost impossible to find black eyebrow products. This is definitely something I'm working on! But for now I use any old eyeliners as eyebrow pencils.

Rockalily Rockette Red. I wear Rockette Red the most, so this tube is quite battered!

Max Factor Colour Adapt in 40 Creamy Ivory. I am on my third bottle of this foundation. Its liquid but feels like a powder.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. I actually don't like this mascara. I recommend the gold tubed Max Factor mascara, which I have been using for years.

Mac LiquidLast Liner. The only eyeliner I'm happy with with. Wouldn't use anything else.



Scary face alert. Here is me with nothing on. You can see I have redness to my skin, and annoyingly I have scars from spots that never go now. My face is slightly redder here as I have just cleansed it.

You can also see that I pluck my eyebrows to near submission.




Here I am with the Max Factor Foundation on. You can see it removes a lot of the redness.



Now its time for eyebrows! Ideally I would have these arched more, as opposed to these round ones, but this is an honest reflection of what I do most days.




I love putting on blusher/bronzer! Makes me feel like my face has woken up! I put on two diagonal 'lines' with the Dallas brush, and then blend using the bigger brush in the photo. Not very scientific!



I do vary my eyeliner, but today it is quite a thin cat eye flick. Sometimes I make them thicker, sometimes more like Amy Winehouse!




Mascara. I was once told never to put mascara on the bottom lashes, but sometimes I do. Today I have just done the top lashes.



The finishing touch - Rockalily Rockette Red Lipstick! I don't use a lip liner, and I just fill my natural lip line.