Rockabilly inspiration for the office

I had a request for some fashion inspiration for wearing rockabilly styled outfits at the office, rather than just sticking to pencil skirts.

So I did some browsing, let me know what you think! All of the pictures link through to where they come from, if you fancy finding out more!

Cigarette pants are a super smart option for workwear, and you can even buy a few different colours if you fancy getting more exciting!

I love dresses for workwear, as you can wear them as skirts with jumpers and cardigans, or as a dresses (two for the price of one).

Swing pants work especially well if you have a little nipped in waist, and I love the extra details in these of the contrasting buttons. A quick way to make your work outfit a bit more interesting!

Adding prints into your office wardrobe is a great way of making you feel more glamorous, and I'm a massive fan or tartan and check!

I adore this dress, it's sexy but without revealing very much at all.

I couldn't not sneak in one pencil skirt, but how about adding print to them? Then you can use more basic tops to mix and match.

How about changing the shape of your skirt? I love this swing skirt (which is shorter than a traditional swing skirt but long enough to be office appropriate).

Leopard print is of course the classic rockabilly print, so how about wearing some at work. It could be a small touch, like this small collar, if you're not feeling brave enough for all over!

 What do you wear to work if you happen to work in a more traditional work place?