Rockabilly Hairdressers in London

So, after a week of being up and running, I thought I would blog about how it feels now I own a rockabilly hairdressers in London town!

Getting the salon ready felt a little overwhelming at times, but now that I can reflect back on it, I can appreciate that I got it done in a pretty good time! It took about 5 weeks, with the Rockette family pulling together and giving it some elbow grease.

From mood boards, to paint shopping, to digging through furniture shops and vintage hide aways, the salon began to take shape. What I do find pretty cool is that when I hold the two mood boards up, I have pretty much stuck to them! They are an actual reflection on what has been created. Mood boards can sometimes sound a little wishy washy, but they really helped keep my design focus, there is so much awesome stuff out there, but not everything is suitable for the look I wanted.

Rockalily Cuts has now been open for a week, and its been so much fun! Lucie Luella and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with so many fabulous people! This week has definitely been the week for film industry clients, I wonder if our weeks will have different trends?!

Mojitos and teacakes have been our favourite things, along with Donald Draper style haircuts.

Ellington the shop dog has settled in perfectly, he loves the attention, but also enjoys creeping into his bed and having a rest. The noise doesn't bother him at all!

As ever, there is still a lot I want to do with it, but it is always a work in progress, and I'm not yet quite able to stand back and enjoy what has been achieved so far!

We have had all sorts of customers, from rockabilly greasers, vintage gents, rock 'n' roll ladies and just lovely women who fancy a touch a glamour in their day!

Thank you if you have popped in already, and if you're considering visiting, do feel free to say hello! I'm always happy to have an excuse for a coffee!