Rockabilly Hair Pomade - Layrite

After meeting the guys from Hawleywood's Barbershop at Viva Las Vegas this year, I had no doubt that Rockalily Cuts would be stocking Layrite Pomade.

Developed to replace the wax that greasers would use in the SoCal rockabilly scene, water-based Layrite pomade holds like a wax, but washes out like a gel! What other pomades call extreme hold, we just call original. The same formula greasers have been trusting for 10 years.

  • Holds as strong as a wax
  • High shine for that polished look
  • Water-based formula washes right out just like a gel
  • No drying formula keeps hair soft with no flaking
  • Controls even the curliest and thickest hair out there
  • Keeps your hair in place and looking good all day

As well as being for the gents, I have been happily using Layrite on my victory rolls, for a nice hold, without stickiness, and as its waterbased, it just washes out with ease.