Rockabilly Girl - What I Wear For Casual Days

Sometimes it's the little things that define your style, which means that it is easy to keep your rockabilly girl look even if you are having a casual day.

Here are my top tips for maintaining a Rockabilly Girl style on a casual day:

1. Rockabilly Prints and Patterns - leopard print, polka dots, gingham, nautical prints, tattoo prints. 

2. Jewellery - A statement rockabilly piece, earrings, rings, bracelets. Usually pretty cheap and cheerful.

3. Cut of clothing - jeans can be cropped, skirts are pencil etc.  

4. Hair - Victory rolls or bandanas are easy ways to give any outfit a rockabilly girl twist.

5. Glasses - vintage or cats eye. Statement pieces.

6. Make-up- Red lips and rockabilly eyeliner flicks.

7. Colours - Red, Black, Blue, White. Classic rockabilly colours.

8. Tattoos - Not essential but certainly help!

9. Shoes - Converse are pretty comfortable for a rockabilly girl doing casual.


You don't need to dress up and make loads of effort to be a rockin' rockabilly girl - even on casual days! You can pick and chose from these 9 tips for Rockabilly Casual, to find your own way to look awesome on lazy days.