Rockabilly Fashion on the highstreet (New Look)

It is definitely possible to find awesome and reasonably priced rockabilly and vintage inspired fashion on the highstreet, if you know what to keep an eye out for! I took a peek at New Look, to see what I could find! New Look is great for affordable but decent quality items.

This skirt length used to be pretty darn impossible to find on the highstreet, so I'm always excited whenever it hits the mainstream again.

A great denim or checked shirt never fails, similarly off-the-shoulder tops are always a fabulously sneaky find.

I also found high waisted jeans, pencil skirts and disco pants. Staples for all rockabilly wardrobes!

This super cute black dress seems to be the perfect length, and sleeve length, which is so unusual for mainstream fashion! I'm tempted by this particularly!