Rockabilly Fashion on the High Street

Although most of us Rockabilly Ladies buy our clothing from specialist 'alternative' brands (for examples see my post about Rockabilly dresses) no matter what is on trend, it is possible to pick up some bits and pieces on the high street.

This super cute yellow bird print cardigan is from Oasis, and was £30 but is currently in the sale for £20. Rockabilly wardrobes are usually full of red/blue/black and yellow is a great way to inject a different colour into outfits you already own!

Oasis also offer this dotty number, which would instantly be 'rockabillied up' with some red or yellow accessories. It costs £65, but like most high-street dresses, is a tad too short to be perfect, but is still perfectly wearable.

Talking of dresses being a tad too short to be perfect:

This Holly Willoughby Dress from Very is currently on sale for £29, and could be a nice daily staple.

This top is also from Very, and is Love Label and costs £16. Would look awesome with black cropped jeans or a pencil skirt.


I am completely surprised by these dungarees from River Island, which cost £45. They are very 'land girl', and would fit beautifully into my wardrobe!

Also from River Island, I love the bow detail on this pencil dress - £45 

This black and white checked dress is from Monsoon (£70) and I think could look cuter on, than this picture demonstrates.

I also think this Monsoon jumper is super cute. It costs £42.

This works well as a daytime dress, and its from La Redoute (£45).

This top would look great tucked into jeans or a skirt.....very Sandy from Grease. It costs £20 at ASOS.

ASOS have a range called Curve, which stocks items excusively in larger sizes. I adore these two pencil skirts:

This hounds tooth skirt comes in sizes 20-26 and costs £25.

This skirt comes in two colours, costs £40 and comes in sizes 20-26.

I think every Rockabilly Girl owns a leopard print cardigan, this one is from Warehouse and costs £38.