Rockabilly Dresses

I haven't bought any new dresses for a while now, so I thought I'd take a look around for some new rockabilly inspiration.                         


This cute gingham dress is from Living Dead Souls and is sold via Egg N Chips Clothing for £29.95


This is a liquor print dress and I haven't seen one like it before! It is £95 on 20th Century Foxy.


This Bettie Page dress is inspired by a classic Elvgren print, and is for sale for £95 on Stop Traffic Clothing.


I am a big fan of tropical sarong dresses, and this one is from Collectif and costs £50.


I adore the fabric of this tropical dress from Tara Starlet which costs £75.


This sexy leopard print number costs £163 and is from Dolly Dagger.


Or as a more affordable leopard print alternative, this Miss Fortune dress is £45.99


This tartan dress would be perfect for autumn and is from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown and costs £70.


Don't get too distracted by this model's ace tattoos, it's also a fab dress. Its by Limb and costs £95.

Now you have the dress, how about a matching rockabilly necklace?