Rockabilly Dog Bandana


I have been so busy with the salon, I haven't had much down time. To relax my mind a little, I decided to attempt to make Ellington his first bandana. It's a simple job, but not quite as simple as just tying a bandana around him!

I wanted the tie to be velcro or popper based, so that if it did get caught ever, it would just pop open, rather than a fixed knot. I also needed a button hole on the top so that the clasp for his lead can stick through. I don't have my sewing machine so it was a hand stitch job!

1. I double checked how long it had to be so that it would fit around his neck. I wanted it pretty loose, so that it wouldn't bother him.

2. I sewed in the hem, and then sewed on the two sections of the popper. At this point I double checked it fit!

3. I then needed to create the button hole. I felt where it would need to be, and made a small nick. I cut the slit, and then started the fliddly job of handstitching around the hole. I needed it to be well sewn, otherwise the fabric will just fray with use. 

4. I double checked it all fit.....woohoo!

It is very hard to get a picture, as he can get pretty needy, and comes way too close to me all of the time! So I took a few so you could get the idea!