Rockabilly Cardigans

Today's weather has reminded me I need to sort out how to take my summer wardrobe ready for autumn. Cardigans offer the perfect solution, so I took a peek at some currently available.

rockabilly cardigan from highstreet m and s birds.jpg.jpg

This hummingbird cardigan is from M&S and costs £29.50

freddie of pinewood cardigan.jpg.jpg
repro pink cardigan.jpg

Every rockabilly girl needs a leopard print cardigan,.

purple leopard print cardigan.jpg

Or a different colour leopard print? This is from New Look and costs £12.99

Mariella Cardigan Birdcage pink two.jpg

For the ultimate in rockabilly, of course Collectif is the place to go. This pink one is £39.50

Jo Cardigan Sailor black.jpg

If you're more of a rock n roll rockabilly, you can't go wrong with this tattoo style roses and anchor print one for £35

Lace arm.jpg

This black cardigan from Dorothy Perkins has lace inlays on the sleeves, and could look supercute with some tattoos peeking out! It costs £26, but they are having a London Fashion week sale on.

1960s vintage cardigan from etsy.jpg

Or you could down the vintage route, this cute 1960s cardigan is about £24

handknitted rockabilly cardigan.jpg