Rockabilly Bands in the UK

I asked some friends for some new Rockabilly type bands to listen to, so I thought I'd share some of the suggestions.

The Lonesome Valley Boys (this doesn't stand out to me...but sounds ok)

 Buster Shuffle - not traditional rockabilly, I would say more ska (I'm not great at defining music) - however I really like this one.....will definitely be investigating further.

 The Grit - are apparently Punk 'n' Roll, and they sound ok!

The Ten Pound Suit Band are apparently Swingabilly....and they seem to do versions of modern songs (which always goes down well with me!)

Jessie and the Orbits - nice to see a strong femal lead

The LadyKillers - traditional Rockabilly

The Caezars - again traditional Rockabilly


Let me know of any more suggestions, or if you like any of these!