Rockabilly Bandana Tutorial

I have previously posted a bandana tutorial in a land girl style, and I recently got asked to give a tutorial as to how I wear my bandana when I'm not in curlers.


Start with the bandana (in this case a leopard print Rockalily Bandana!) 

Fold the bandana in half:

Fold the top part of the triangle down, so it is in half again:

And once more again!

Once you get  more confident with your bandana, you can fold with varying thicknesses, so rather than folding in half, you can fold at different points (to get a bandana that is more narrow or wider)

I do tend to wear it at this thickness. It makes it easier to weat with no clips or grips.

Then wrap it around your head, ready to tie with a double knot! I always wear it just over my ears. Some people use grips to hold in place, but on the whole, I wear my bandanas with nothing holding it.

I have been asked what happens at the back of the bandana, so I attempted to answer it here!