Rockabilly and Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

If you have a rockabilly or vintage style, and are getting married, what type of dress do you wear? I thought I would take a peek at some of the rockabilly and vintage inspired wedding dresses there were. I also purposefully included a range of prices so that no one has an excuse not to feel amazing on their rockabilly or alternative wedding day!

Vivien of Holloway £115



Vivien of Holloway is a favourite for brides looking for affordable but alternative/vintage/rockabilly wedding dresses. This one has a vintage stylelace overlay.

Collectif £45









This one is for the Rockabilly brides! A bargain price, and would look amazing in Las Vegas, or a beach wedding.





Cutting Edge Brides £630




You may be an alternative bride, but you may be looking for a slightlymore traditional wedding dress. I like this 1950s style tea-length dress for a more traditional vintage type wedding dress.





Whirling Turban $525




If you want to be a full on rockabilly bride, you could embrace the leopard print completely!





Look Darling £595





This vintage inspired dress is super cute!







Honey Pie Boutique £149





Perhaps you want to chanel a bit of Marilyn Monroe magic for your alternative wedding day? 






Fairy Goth Mother £450





Fairy Goth Mother offer the option for the alternative bride to have a fully corsetted dress. I like the 1950s style wedding dress from them.






So Couture £90




Who says brides have to stick to white? Brave this 1960s inspired number for an elegant but alternatve wedding dress. Affordable too!





Oh My Honey £950




Again, a more traditional option, but with a twist. You could have any colour netting underneath to show your alternative sense to wedding style!







Limb £155





This rose print could look amazing as a wedding dress! I'd team it with a more traditionally coloured white hat and mini veil.





Glory Days Vintage





This 1950s inspired dress is simply beautiful.







Kitty and Dulcie £250



Kitty and Dulcie want to offer vintage inspired wedding dresses at affordable prices.








What do you think you'll wear (or what did you wear?) when you are an alternative bride? - Colour? Length? Style?