Rockabilly Accessories for your Home

You may well inject a bit of rockabilly (or a lot!) into your fashion choices, but what about your home? 

I thought I would share a few ideas on how to get a bit of rockabilly in your home.

If I had a room to decorate, I would first decide whether I wanted to go rock 'n' roll, tiki/tropical or kitsch. Of course it is possible to mix and match, but for the purposes of this post, I will divide the three elements.

Rockabilly - Rock n Roll

Think leopard print, black, red, gold, leather, Elvis and skulls.

How about a leopard print rug?

A Rockabilly record clock? You can make your own quite easily too!

A diner style telephone?

Art (or posters)are an easy way to set a theme for a room.

Or rockabilly doorknobs to update wardrobes or cupboards?

Rockabilly - Tiki Theme

Think tropical colours, flamingos, palm trees, Hawaiian prints, and Hula girls.

How about some wallpaper?

Embrace your inner kitsch with a hula girl lamp!

Or for your kitchen....Tiki mugs?

Or the ultimate -  a plastic flamingo for the lawn!


Rockabilly - Kitsch

 Think polka dots, poodles, cherry print, cupcakes and pin ups.

Flying swallows?

These cherry decals could transform a kitchen or bathroom if used in the right places!

Bring the summertime in with some bunting?

I have blogged about this amazing poodle lamp before, but here it is again in all of it's glory.

You can't go far wrong with a pin up print!

Does your fashion style creep into your interior design too?