What losing a loved one taught me

Grief fades, and we heal. Life continues to plod along. I lost my dad suddenly 19 years ago today, when he was just 42 (I was 15). His death and my grief shaped who I am today. What his loss taught me is that no one and nothing is permanent of forever. I know that may sound obvious, but we often forget. No one is ours forever. People come and go, whether through death or other circumstance. It shouldn't be so surprising when people leave us, yet it always tends to be, because we fall into a sense of security that we will always have them around.

We need to remind ourselves of the temporary nature of people and life, not to feel depressed, but to remind ourselves to feel gratitude and mindful of what we have, when we have it. 

So, push yourself to learn to let anger go, to reach out more and to show your love to others. It's hard, we get busy and distracted, but I promise that grief is so much more bitter when its filled with regrets and words unsaid.

I wrote this two years ago today - on how I like to remember my Dad.