Ricki Hall and Jimmy Q

It's almost impossible these days to discuss tattoos and/or great hair without the names Ricki Hall and Jimmy Q popping up. These new pretty kickarse pictures of the pair of them are for the Italian fashion label Roy Roger's new Rugged collection.

Ricki Hall, a model known largely for his beard, was orginally spotted leaving TopMan in London (visiting from Wolverhampton) and was signed that day! He moved down to London a month later. He didn't actually have the beard then, just a "pornstar"moustache (his description of it!). Rather interestingly, he used to state that he couldn't DJ, and would go down the acting route instead, but he is now a DJ (I've seen him DJ at the Collectif Party). Just goes to show we should never rule anything out for ourselves!

Jimmy Q, a pro skateboarder and tattoo artist from Venice Beach was a child model, so has had a very different journey into the modelling world compared to Ricki!

They've both swept into the mainstream and high-end modelling scene and taken it by storm, so I'm hoping  they may brave the way for some more alternative women models to follow suit. Hasn't Kate Moss modelled herself out yet?