Reward must come from risk - how do you know when to leap?

The dictionary definition may disagree with me, but for me there is a large difference between self employed people, and entrepreneurs. A self employed person may have a trade, or skill, or talent, and other people pay them for it. Perfect set up for many people. An entrepreneur creates new opportunities for work, sees a new path that may not have been well worn just yet, or seeks profit from varied avenues, and can apply their business skills to different areas.  

The skill set of an entrepreneur tends to include many personality aspects, rather than just pure skill. They need to be pretty optimistic, be able to fly solo, to be willing to stand apart from a crowd, to have a lot of self belief (perhaps sometimes known as ego). 

I used to shy away from calling myself an entrepreneur, but recently I've been forcing myself to feel more settled into the term. Because, actually, I think that is what I do. I almost prefer the word as a verb; "I entrepreneur", maybe I should strive to make it one! 

I'm itching to expand my business plans again in 2014, but of course the risks that come with growth are scary. They're scary not just for me this time around, but I hold the responsibility of the Rockalily team very high too. It isn't just me this time!

When I get nervous, I seek solace in books. So off I went to the book shop. I love how book shops make me feel. So safe in their worldly wisdom. Everything you've ever felt, wondered, known or not known, is there in a book. Nothing about us is really that unique. It's all been written down before. I buy books, and never read them, yet continue to buy more, because having books around me is just right.

I bought a book, and one of the chapters that spoke to me, was "The higher you aim, the higher you go." Again, the safety that comes from knowing this path has been walked by others, and they've reached the top of their own mountain, just as I will mine.

So, how do I know when to leap? When I know that staying still isn't an option anymore. And they're the choices. Stay still or leap forward.

Wish me luck because I'm leaping!