Reviews of Rockalily Lipstick

Rockalily Lipsticks are available to purchase at The Powder Room (in both Soho and Shoreditch) and online. However if you don't live in London buying a lipstick without seeing it can feel a little scary! To help you, you can have a look through the Rockalily Gallery to see photos that customers send in, and you can have a read of some of these blogs to help you decide which colour to order!


Grace London ( bought Rockette Red and reviewed it on her make-up blog.

''The texture is matte but not drying, and gives a creamy satin finish on the lips...The Rockalily lipstick is also extremely well pigmented...''

If you read the comments you also find Grace saying, ''I'd recommend this over the MAC, I find MAC lipsticks very hard to wear and drying.''

                                                    She has some great colour swatches of the Rockette Red.

Retro Chick bought and reviewed Roulette Red as part of her regular red lipstick reviewing (complete with excel spread sheet to tally the scores!).I am super pleased to announce that Rockalily Roulette came joint first!

''Comparing it to the Besame I would say it works out as better value for money. The staying power is fractionally less good, but it has a more moisturising texture and is easier to apply...''

''The lipsticks texture is a lovely creamy, semi matte finish and I loved the Roulette Red shade. It’s lasting power is also very good.''






Sarah Scribbles bought Rockette Red and reviewed it on her blog.

''It seemed to positively lift my skin tone and brighten my face, but mostly, I instantly felt glam and *stop press* felt pretty for once. I cant believe I'd wasted so much time, all I had needed was Rockalily!''


Roobeedoo bought Rockette Red.

''I have to say I love the colour of this lipstick!''


 Michelle at Domestic Sluttery bought a Rockette Red and blogged about it on the site.

''I plumped for the Rockette Red, a wonderful long lasting matte shade that proved to be the perfect choice for my complexion. After many years, it takes a heck of a lot for a lipstick to really impress me but, by jove, this one really has.

I was also incredibly impressed by the friendly and efficient customer service. They were more than happy to offer advice about shades and delivery was super speedy so no mournful gazing at the postie required.''


Jade Boylan, a 20 year old blogger and illustrator bought Rockette and Roulette and reviewed Roulette Red in her post.

''Not only is the colour fab but they're so creamy to apply and i've been wearing a coat of 'Roulette Red' for over an hour and a half now and my lips still feel all moisturized''

''...also, the pigment is so rich that you don't even need lipliner with them, this one still hasn't feathered and normally any other of my red lipsticks would have feathered and dried out all over the place by now.

I fully LOVE my new lipsticks!!!''


This angelic face belongs to Miss Dani California, who bought Roulette Red and Tumbled it on her blog.

''I opted for the Roulette Red as it’s a darker, more sultry red, and after wearing it all day, I can honestly say it’s the best red lipstick I’ve ever worn! It didn’t smudge bleed or budge, even without lipliner; my lips don’t feel dry and the colour hasn’t flaked or cracked like other long-lasting lipsticks.''


Jess (The Vintage Huntress) bought Rockette Red and Pompadour Pink, although sadly as of yet, I haven't seen a picture of the glamorous lady herself wearing them! However she does include in her review,

''The Rockette Red is a classic.  It goes on beautifully and is a gorgeous rich colour - very wearable.''

''The Pompadour Pink is striking, I love it!  It's almost neon (in a good way!) and reminds me of the shade my mum used to wear in the 80's with her body con dresses.  The lipstick itself is more glossy than the red and whenever I put it on it makes me smile.''

Red Legs in Soho bought a Rockette Red online and then went and bought a Hot Rod Red from The Powder Room in Soho.

''I noticed two elements I liked immediately: the shape of the tip of the lipstick was smaller and made it easier to apply straight on and it smelt nice.  I was impressed by the fact that this lipstick feathered far less than my other lipsticks and both the shades did not make my teeth look yellow.''

''Well it doesn’t last as long as the Mac but then again your skin does not end up flaking after use, it has quite a nice texture...The red has become my default day time colour and I look forward to this company expanding it’s wares.''

Missy Vintage bought a Rockette Red. ''This is the most I've spent on a lipstick, but so far it's been worth every penny.''

''It's a lovely bright shade of show stopping red and goes on really smoothly. I had no bleeding the first few times I used it, but I have to say there have been a few occasions recently when I've noticed it has bled a wee bit, BUT these were on warm days so that could have been me melting it a little!''

''It lasted really very well indeed. Several hours and several cups of tea and it was still going strong. When it did start to wear off, it did so very evenly and I was left with a pale red pout, not a horrid patchy one.''

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