Review of Revolution Make Up

I was sent this bundle of fun yesterday, so I used them as an excuse to try some new makeup for the day!

I hadn't heard of the make-up brand Revolution, so I had a google, and it turns out they are a budget brand sold at Superdrug. The lip lacquers are £3, the single eye shadows are £1, the eye shadow palettes are £4, the foundation is £4 and the blush lacquer is £3. I don't tend to buy make-up that is this cheap so I'm curious to see how it fares over the day/night.

 On the left is bare-faced me, and the two on the right are the finished result of me trying some new colours!

I have to admit, my hopes weren't high  for a £4 foundation, and sadly it lived up to my expectations. Very watery, and just not the sort of coverage I expect. It says it is 'buildable' so I applied 3 layers which did help, but I won't be using this again.

Blush lacquer next! It pumps out quite a thick liquid, almost like a mousse. I definitely applied too much!, so I used  brush to smudge, blend and remove some! Worth practising with though, the tested on my hand hasn't budged! I'll use less next time!

I had to cheat somewhat on the next stage. I would never expect eyeshadow to last without a primer, so I used my usual kickarse primer of a PaintPot from Mac. I then applied 3 of the shadows (middle picture). I wasn't sent any liner or mascara, so I used my own to finish the look. The eyshadows seem fine, and definitely good value for £4.

The lip lacquer was the final product I tried today. Its lovely and matte, really matte. I've currently had it on for an hour, and it still feels lovely, but it needs the test of a full day. Sometimes these can get very drying as time plods on. I'll up date as and when!