Review of Nair Brazilian Spa Clay hair removal (or is shaving still best?)

 I recieved some Nair Brazilian Spa Clay to review, so I figured I'd take advantage of having two legs, and directly compare it to my normal shaved leg. Let the games begin #stubblewatch

The blurb:

The natural blend of key ingredients, including mineral rich clay, soothing mango butter and nourishing acai palm help to leave your skin glowing, beautifully soft, smooth and free from all visible hairs*.
Clinically & dermatologically tested and with patented ‘odour control technology’, the formula is gentle enough to use on legs, bikini and underarms.
I coated my left leg with the cream, and immediately noticed that tell-tale hair removal cream smell.  Not horrible, but just unique.
Compared to shaving, it does feel like a bit more of a faff, making sure you've covered all of the hairs, but in theory it lasts longer, so the faff would be worth it, compared to having to shave every day. I'd imagine that the theory is that the stubble growth is less 'stubbly' as you haven't blunted the hair with a blade. 
I found the plastic spatula a bit harsh on the skin, but I suppose it has to be. 
Day 1 - I felt like the cream missed some hair, so they still feel a tad prickly. The shaved leg was as normal.
Watch this space for updates on #stubblewatch