Returning to GoodGym

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Last night I was meant to have a date, which was cancelled (postponed?) but the plus side was that I could return to Good Gym! GoodGym is a running club that mixes community work with keeping fit.

I slightly twinged a muscle, and definitely wasn't feeling super fit, but I joked to myself that I was still lapping everyone sat on the sofa at home. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Also, you only get fitter by exercising, and exercise should feel like a struggle (or you're not doing it right).

I read an interesting piece about why exercise is great for people with ambitious and/or vague goals. Exercise allows us to have concrete goals, to tick achieve obvious success markers. This makes sense to me. I think exercise is also great for self employed people, as it allows you just to stop, and focus on yourself. It allows us to put our bodies and well being first. To believe we are worth the effort.