Retro (but new) telephones

We use our salon phone rather a lot (obviously) and we've been through a few recently. Our initial phone was the Wild and Wolf silver one, which I bought from Amazon over two years ago. It gots lots of compliments from clients, who were often surprised to find out it was brand new. I liked the real bell ring tone as well. However, the line was often crackly and quite quiet. Not great for a busy hair salon!

The lips phone are from the second salon, which we borrowed when we'd finally had enough of the poor quality line from the silver one recently.

We were then contacted by PMC Telecom who wanted to send us a new retro phone. We went for the 1929 Carrington Push Button Telephone in red.

It's quite a cheap phone, at just under £35, and so you can't expect it to look super expensive. If I'm honest I prefer the quality of the finish of the silver phone, but the red phone has a lovely loud and clear line, which is much more practical for us! Cute as a gift idea too.

What do you think? Tweet me your favourite out of our phones!