Retro and Rockabilly Shopping from

A classic polka dot swing skirt - I like that the length on this one seems more authentic than the high street usually offers. This one is £20

This flower print pencil skirt has the perfect amounf of vintage twist.  It is £10.

Off the shoulder tops are a perfect way of giving a basic outfit a 1950s rockabilly twist. Tucked into trousers or a skirt, and won't ride up as it's a body. Snap these bad boys up when you find them! This one is £10.

For a sexier top to tuck in, I love this peek-a-boo top. It would look great with the polka dot swing skirt. A nice balance between sexy and cute. It costs £10.

This outfit could definitely be retro-fiesta-tastic with the right accessories. Think tropical fruit. The set costs £25. 

I love the 60s style shift dress too, it costs £25 and would look kickarse with flicked eyeliner and a messy beehive.

This simple black dress looks great. It's the right length for the rockabilly look, rather than above the knee like many modern dresses. It is £20.