Repertoire Fashion - Ted Baker bag review

At Christmas I was given my first, what I'd call, grown up bag. It took me while to get used to having a modern, large, structured and not throw-away quality bag, but I've actually come to really enjoy it. I perhaps finally understand why women buy themselves power bags.

I was lucky enough to be sent a second 'grown-up' power bag this week to review, from a fashion website called Repertoire.

It has three compartments which is perfect for keeping your bag contents organised, and being able to find your bus pass and phone without too much fuss. In addition to the compartments there are pockets inside too.

I've been given the code REEREE10 for use on anything on Repertoire's site that is over £100, and it gives you 10% off. I know one person used it yesterday as soon as I posted the bag on instagram, so feel free to join our matching Ted Baker bag club ;-)