Repairing the damage from acrylic nails with Sally Hansen Maximum Strength

I was a false nail virgin until about a year and a half ago, when I got my first set of acrylic nails. I fell in love, and didn't take them off until a couple of weeks ago. My nails had started to feel a tad sore when being infilled, and I realised that maybe I needed to let them grow out and start afresh.

I tried gels first, as a middle ground, but after a couple of days I hated them. I must be too energetic for them, as they chipped so fast. I was then stuck with chipped nails. The total opposite of the reason I get faux nails!

So now I'm just making myself go nail-free, until my damaged nail grows out again. Then I plan to return to acrylics of course!

So I am testing Sally Hansen 'Maximum Strength' which claims to create stronger nails in 7 days. I had to soak the gel off in acetone, so used lots of hand cream too, as its so drying for skin and nails! I had this handcream sent to me for review from A-Derma, and it was just the ticket.

I applied one coat of the Maximum Strength and it definitely didn't feel like just a clear nail polish, and it dried pretty fast. I decided to hardcore it and go for two coats. You can see it creates a pale pink sort of shade. It can be used as a base, and it would certainly create a nice light undercoat for a colour on top. 

I've also cut my nails as short as they can be, to try and just get rid of the damaged sections. I'm hoping in a month or so I can go and get fabulous talons again!