Renting a pool bed or cabana in Bali

hiring a sunbed bali

It turns out that B had never considered visiting a hotel just to use its pool, so I thought I'd write a quick post, in case you hadn't either!

Our hotel has a nice pool, but it's rather closed in, and there aren't any umbrellas to hide from the shade, so I suggested visiting another hotel. I had a quick google for pool beds you can hire in Bali, and so far (today is the morning of day 4) we've visited two.

Firstly we headed to Cocoon Beach Club, which despite being a party venue, was lovely and quiet during the day. They also allowed us to book a spot online, and when we arrived we were offered a pool bed or cabana.

bali cocoon pool hire

Cocoon don't charge anything for using a bed or cabana, but they have minimum spends. I believe the sun lounger beds had a minimum spend of 400k/500k IDR, and the cabanas had a minimum spend of 800k (in today's money it's about £50).  We had some cocktails, a shisha and lunch, and easily spent this. I also had reflexlogy by the pool too! A lovely way to relax. You can hire towels too.

The next day I headed to the W Retreat & Spa, to indulge in some luxury. The bamboo lined drive way certainly creates a dramatic entrance! I'd read online that there was no charge or minimum spend at the W, but this turned out not to be quite true. Perhaps they've updated their policies recently, as many of these places don't directly advertise the ability to hire pool beds, most information comes from blogs and reviews. 

I was told I couldn't use a pool bed as these were for guests only, but you're welcome to order a drink from the Woobar. I obviously didn't want to just sit at a bar, so when I enquired again, I was told I could pay for a wrist band, hire a towel (mandatory) and be assigned a sofa. Once I removed the cushions, the sofa was in essence a single bed, so I lay down and enjoyed a book. I didn't have a umbrella for shade, so I tried my best to be diligent with my factor 50.

The drinks are expensive here, but the service is great, and I loved the pool. The W is right by the sea so a quick paddle is a nice option too (no swimming as like most of the area, the waves and currents are too strong and dangerous).

The wristband costs me 50k IDR and the towel was 30k IDR I think! My two cocktails were about 150k and 200k. 

I had a lovely afternoon in both places, but no doubt will keep exploring other options too! It's a great way to enjoy the facilities of other hotels, especially ones you can't afford to stay in!