Reflecting on progress - eating well and getting fitter

Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep going when you make small changes, as you don't notice any immediate benefits. I guess that's why get fit quick schemes sell so well - we all like to see results.

So I've been trying to reflect on my progress since January, to ensure I keep on a healthy track. This was the first before/after picture I posted, which was last month. It helped me see that I was losing my bloated look, and keep me going. It's now April, so I wanted to stop and reflect again.

This picture shows a difference of about 14 weeks from the start of January, and although isn't a direct comparison due to different clothes and angles, I still find the difference motivating.

Then I decided to look back to a time when my body was less healthy, so compared some old holiday pictures from 4 years ago. Again, angles are slightly different so not direct comparisons, but again I'm enjoying the difference I can see!

I then looked further back, to about 6 years ago. In the first picture on the left I was a teacher, and staff rooms are terrible for poor eating! I tend to see the unhealthiness on my belly and my face. 

I really want these changes to last and it be forever.