I celebrated my Christmas late

reeree christmas green hair

Christmas Day number 4 for me (two family days before 25th, volunteering on 25th and now with B the boyfriend) and I embraced the green. Rather annoyingly, the trains were closed, so I had a rather random trip via tubes and buses. I settled in for the ride!

perks to celebrating christmas late

Now, feel free to call me scrooge, but there is a big perk to celebrating Christmas day after the 25th. Everything is in the sale! Premium crackers and B's meat for dinner both half price for example. Winning. This could be a tradition worth sticking with!

brutus shirts his and hers

I may have had to sweet talk him into wearing our matching Brutus shirts somewhat, but its the Xmas shirt, and it was Christmas; how could we not!?

What Christmas wouldn't be complete without booze, too much food and copious amounts of games? Mission accomplished.

On reflection I've really enjoyed having 4 separate Christmas days. It eases the pressure to have a perfect day, and allows more freedom to create different types of day. It also spreads the seasonal joy out over a longer period of time. 

Now it's all over for another year, and I have to start thinking about New Years Eve instead....definitely a night that suffers from too many weighted expectations for sure.