ReeRee says Relax

I was recently asked to take part in a competition from Artesian Spas with their "'Art' spas say relax" contest, by sharing how I relax and unwind. As someone is continually 'at work', either on my phone or laptop, I do struggle somewhat to switch off and relax, so I have worked hard to develop failsafe ways to unwind.

1. Get out of the house and have a coffee. Going for a coffee involves a change of scene, a moment away from the computer and a self indulgent £4 cup of coffee. I find a simple 15 minute coffee break can be enough to recharge my batteries, ready to take on the world all over again.

2. Read a book. Our technology-driven world has made reading an even more luxurious hobby than it ever was, even for me, with READ MORE on my knuckles. Our attention spans are shorter, and our phones enable us to access the whole world in our palms. But reading, particulatly fiction, allows our mind an escape no much can rival.

3. Exercising. Over the last 21 months I've started exercising again, and I do find it one of the few times my busy mind slows. Focusing on just the challenge in front of you is a great way to unwind from other stresses in your life.

4. Get away. Getting away isn't always expensive, but it's the big brother to going for a coffee. A change of scene always allows the soul to relax and chill out. It can even be staying at a friend's house, having a night away at the beach, or an actual holiday if you can afford it!

5. Trying something new with friends. I recently went blackberry picking with my friends, and as I'm not a particulary earthy type, it was a pretty new experience for me. I'd never even eaten a blackberry before! They were yummy by the way! Having a giggle with people who love you unconditionally is such a great way to unwind, as you can relax your defences and just share some innocent joy.

How do you relax? You can enter the Art Says Relax contest and possibly win a spa trip for two by sharing your tips. Check the link at the top of the blog post.

*this is a sponsored post but all views are my own - obvs*