ReeRee Rockette in More Magazine

Can you spot me? It was certainly stepping outside of my comfort zone to do an underwear shoot for More Magazine but I'm never a girl to say no to something that scares me! And here it is!

I'm actually a little proud of myself. I really did use to hate my body, and was convinced I was fat and ugly. It is so sad that I am not alone - so many women and girls waste so much energy in thinking they are not enough. We convince ourselves somehow that we are repulsive, that we do not measure up to what people expect a naked body to look like. It affects how we dress and how we let others treat us.

My body is pretty much the same shape....I'm pretty much the same weight. I just accept my body for how awesome it is. It works and does the job I need it to. But I've changed how I allow myself to talk about my body. I banish the word 'fat' and 'ugly'. I focus on the bits I love and appreciate that my body is pretty ok. Just the way it is.....not in half a stone's It is ok now.

We need to ease up on ourselves ladies.