ReeRee as a writer....eeeek! New article in Vintage Life Magazine

Did you read the Christmas issue of Vintage Life? You may well have spotted an article of mine in there!

I wrote about the political statements hair trends make, and reflected on the history of the blow dry.

One of my current working goals is that I push my writing more (in print), and try to feel more proud of what I have done so far. So in that spirit, I've previously had published:

Regular column in Things and Ink (9 issues so far)

"When ReeRee Met Ami" - I interviewed Ami James and really need to scan this in more clearly!

"Am I a (body) art collector?" - Article about tattoos

"Vintage in Vegas" - Vintage shopping guide to Las Vegas

"Tattoos and the City" - Interviews with tattooists Tracy D and Valerie Vargas

Wonder if I'll manage to get anything else in print this year?!